The most important tips to help you play Kena Bridge of Spirits

After the release of the game Kena Bridge of Spirits after a period of delays by the studio Ember Lab, the game won the approval of many players, as the game provided a wonderful story full of exciting events, in addition to a great graphics level that made One of the most powerful PlayStation games launched in the recent period. So if Kena Bridge of Spirits, a PlayStation exclusive for the past and new generations, is one of the most important titles that you want to play, in this article we will provide the most important tips that will help you play better.

First: Explore the world around you and interact with all the blue elements

Although the world of Kena Bridge of Spirits is not as big as other open world games, the environment around you is full of many secrets and interesting areas that give the player many rewards and things, By exploring more items and searching for them. According to the developers of the game, the virtual world of Kena Bridge of Spirits (PlayStation Exclusive) contains many paths and places that can be discovered during the gameplay, especially for players who prefer to get more and more in every detail and event of the game, especially since the story of the main game can be To be completed in only about 10 hours.

Roaming and exploring within the game helps you find many puzzles related to your environment, as well as many objects and collectibles, in addition to finding coins to spend on various cosmetic items, as well as finding special hats to put on your Rot Souls, etc. till then. We therefore advise you to move within the environment freely and explore the places in it. Finally you have to interact with any item in blue to get many collectibles.

Second: Use the Rot’s abilities constantly

A lot of the basic abilities and skills of the heroine of the game called “Kina” depend mainly on the abilities of the spirits Rot That accompany her anywhere, it is that small spirits follow the heroine of the game wherever she goes. The more of these creatures, the more powerful they become. Rot abilities act as special and special combat abilities, giving the player powerful attacks that enhance his strength or help him reduce the skills and abilities of the enemy.

Although these creatures aren’t brave enough, their abilities and skills are tied to a scale called the Courage Gauge, so when this counter is complete you can use the full Rot abilities. You can also reload this gauge by taking regular hits or collecting yellow items that fall from enemies during combat.

Third: Use the time-slow feature when shooting

The game gives you a great feature, which is the feature of slowing down time for a few seconds in some cases. You can use this feature when shooting, which gives you greater accuracy during the process of shooting at moving objects, and studying and understanding the battlefield more in specific seconds. This feature is activated by just jumping in the air and using the arrow, so you will find that time passes slowly, and here you have to take advantage of this slowness during the shooting process.

Fourth: Pay Attention to Healing While Playing

As you play, you will find that the heroine’s health will automatically regenerate when you are not in any battles, but in epic and powerful battles, you will find that you need to use the abilities of Rots to heal quickly by using custom flowers to heal and refill the health bar. Since it is rare to get healing flowers during combat, we advise you to use them with caution and only overuse them in specific situations that will help you save from death.

Fifth: Use dribbling tricks to dodge enemies

Although there is a dedicated dodge button in Kena: Bridge of Spirits , jumping is one of the best ways you can use to escape and avoid enemies, especially when facing a powerful boss, where you must carefully monitor the enemy’s movements and choose a tactic. Fighting is right for him, and the current situation, where you can use a jumping technique that gives you the advantage of slowing down and gives you more time to decide your next attack method, which enhances your ability to eliminate the enemy. This doesn’t mean you should ignore other dribbling tactics, all dribbling options work properly to help you dodge enemies, but we recommend adding the jumping tactic to your options.

Sixth: Eliminate the red plants

when you start the game, you will encounter red plants called Deadzone Heart, you must kill these plants directly as soon as you encounter them, because these plants increase the number of enemies, they serve as a generator for certain enemies during the game, which the game did not clarify From the start, so if you don’t eliminate them from the start of the game, you will find yourself surrounded by an endless number of enemies.

Seventh: Take advantage of the advantages of the PlayStation 5 controller (DualSense)

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is one of the most famous games in which the features of the new PlayStation 5 controller (DualSense) appear by giving signals to the player that there are hidden elements surrounding him, through Provides vibrations when you approach a Rot that you haven’t detected, and the closer you are to it, the stronger the vibration, indicating that you’re on the right track. So pay attention to these signs as you walk around and explore the world around you.

Eighth: Use the map

Although the game map will not open directly when you start playing, and it will take a short period of time to be able to open it, it is necessary, and its importance is not only limited to accessing the locations of items and collectibles, but it displays buildings and locations that are important to you yours, and you can use them to determine the correct direction to go while getting around. So you should look at the map from time to time and observe the paths that surround you from time to time to determine your destination and explore the world around you.

Ninth: Unlock the Multi shot ability quickly.

The Multi Shot skill is one of the most powerful skills that you will get while playing, and this skill gives you the ability to hit more than one enemy at a time. If you shoot an enemy with your bow, the arrow will split and scatter to hit more nearby enemies. Therefore, this skill is very effective in controlling large numbers of enemies. The more you advance in the game, the more important the Multi Shot skill becomes during combat. So you should always hurry to reach this skill.

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