The Best Parental Supervision Apps for Children’s Mobile Use can be purchased with iTunes Cards

Kids these days carry all kinds of smartphones, which are very popular among kids these days. As children and teens increasingly rely on computers and smartphones to do study and school research as well as communicate with teachers, parents need to monitor their children’s use of these devices outside of purpose. There is a whole world of dangers that your child may face while browsing the Internet.

So parents can track their children’s activities to intervene when needed, not to suppress or restrict but to correct and rescue, as children can be exposed to all kinds of harm on their mobile phones (or tablets), either on purpose or by accident. They spend a lot of time each day in front of their phone screens and may use websites and apps that are not appropriate for their age. A good parental control app can restore your sense of control and help you monitor anything that might harm your children. And if you intend to monitor your child’s phone activity, you need the parental control service offered by several apps, which we have collected for you in this list.

Application: NetNanny

It is one of the oldest parental control apps that can block your kids from adult content and control their usage. After installing the app on your child’s phone, you can easily monitor their real-time location, app activity, and set screen schedules to limit phone usage. The app monitors internet usage, social media app usage, and even YouTube history which gives you unique monitoring of all your kids’ online activities. You can also choose from three modes, which are allowed, alarm, and block. This way you can block pornography and bad conversations. By subscribing to the basic pricing plan, you can use the app on five devices in one subscription plan.

Application: Bark

This app monitors social media, so your teen can use social sites responsibly, and you will receive an alert if your child is sent bad messages. Bark is among the best parental control apps and can monitor content and filter websites with a single click. This application uses advanced processing techniques to determine which text messages are worth alerting and the application can understand most of the slang of teenagers.

Parents can easily adjust screen time to limit phone use at night or simply block websites they use most often. Bark does not offer location tracking or geolocation. Instead of that, be necessary for you “request registration of the arrival”. If your child agrees to share their location, you will get accurate data on Google Maps. And to solve this problem you can use other parental control software along with Bark to track the location without permission. Or you buy a wearable GPS tracker or smartwatch for kids. And Bark is one of the few parental control apps that monitors emails and online activity. The application in price is 99 annual dollars. There are other affordable options for managing screen time or blocking apps and websites.

Application: Boomerang

It is among the best apps for young children who just got their first phone and are learning how to use it responsibly. It does not provide social media monitoring or email monitoring, but it features a secure web browser and allows parents to block apps completely. The app offers much more features than traditional parental control apps as it comes with an effective system to restrict apps and prevent apps from being used based on the minimum age. You can also create usage schedules that enforce strict bedtime habits for your kids. The application provides full access to the list of applications installed on your child’s phone. To monitor internet activity, you will have to force the use of a SPIN browser which can track and provide accurate statistics on website visits as well as block porn and other explicit content. The application enables you to know the location of your child’s phone. It can also notify you if your child tries to tamper with the Boomerang app on their device.

Application: MOBICIP

This app provides complete parental control across many devices including Macs and Chromebooks as well. And with this wide device support, you can easily monitor all the Windows and Android devices your kids are using. Mobicip provides real-time monitoring and scheduling features that are easy to use apps and devices. It can also monitor and filter content from various streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, etc. It also allows children to request the parents to allow them to extend their phone use time a little longer. Parents can filter age-restricted content on the Internet and even review browser history to see which sites their children use most frequently.


With its launch, the application was distinguished, with only the basic features, but it introduced new features with the latest update. And the free version allows you to track and manage screen usage. The latest version also offers YouTube Safe Search which can block requests that are inappropriate for your child’s age. Parents can set app usage control and block according to age, category, and usage. The paid version has advanced features like a GPS baby locator, battery tracker, real-time alerts, YouTube search history, etc.

Application: FamiSafe

It is a parental control app that allows you to monitor your child’s iPhone and phone usage patterns. It also offers a set of features that make it superior to many other parental control apps. The Smart Schedule feature also allows you to adjust the usage time according to different places like school, library, etc. It allows you to block apps according to age and it can also block specific keywords previously entered by parents. If children enter such words in a YouTube search, parents will be automatically alerted. FamiSafe also has a powerful algorithm that scans the images in the gallery for nudity or pornographic content. The application also protects children from falling prey to useless applications with very high prices, as it provides a feature that prevents in-app purchases.

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