Learn the top tips for playing Far Cry 6 professionally

after the release of Far Cry 6 on October 7, 2021, which was developed and published by Ubisoft on the current and previous generation PlayStation and Xbox. Since this part is one of the best parts of the series, the richest and most diverse, with a great story and exciting and fun events, there are a lot of players who love the series, and are interested in knowing everything new in this part. And learn the most important tips that will help them play Far Cry 6 professionally. So, if this game is on your list of games that you would like to have and try on your console, be it PlayStation or Xbox, then follow these tips to get a more professional and enjoyable gaming experience while playing Far Cry 6.

First: destroy all the Alarms and surveillance cameras

during gameplay and as you progress through the events, you will find that you are attacking a group of FND bases so you can control Anton’s soldiers and seek to open more new places in order to obtain more new weapons and equipment, and the closer you are, you will be able to eliminate many Soldiers, whenever you feel that victory is very near, but you should not be deceived by that, because you will be surprised by many sirens sounding in the place suddenly and the whole base will turn into a military place full of supplies for soldiers, which will make your task very difficult.

Although the game gives you the ability to engage in conflicts with enemies, it will be very difficult, so we advise you before you touch any place full of enemies, climb the highest mountain peak or watchtower in the area and use your phone to check the place and know the soldiers present and their ranks as well as identify All monitoring and warning devices and begin to destroy them before entering and engaging with the enemies, starting with the officers of the highest rank and then the soldiers of the lowest rank.

Second: Make sure to unlock the Supremo and Resolver weapons unlock

Far Cry 6 is known to have a large collection of cool and deadly weapons, which the player canas he progresses in the game, but the Supremo and Resolver weapons will only be unlocked by increasing the level of the player, So you should take care of upgrading your character while playing. You will also need to collect a large amount of uranium to be able to manufacture these weapons, which requires a lot of exploration and wandering, especially since they are rare. However, you will be able to get a large number of powerful weapons that will help you engage in bloody and fierce battles.

Third: Make sure to upgrade your weapons and use each weapon at the right time

One of the most important things that distinguishes Far Cry 6 is that it contains many different and varied weapons and ammunition, which are used according to the situation and the enemy you face and its capabilities. Therefore, the game before entering the area gives you important information about the equipment of the enemies and provides some details about the types of weapons and ammunition that help you eliminate them easier and faster, giving you the ability to plan and tactics correctly before attacking any area full of enemies. The more you advance in the game, the more you can upgrade your weapons and get more rare and deadly ammo that is suitable for each type of enemy.

Fourth: Watch out for helicopters and gunboats

One of the most difficult things you face while playing Far Cry 6 are enemy helicopters and gunboats, while you find yourself in great control of the situation and able to eliminate the soldiers in disguise without revealing your location, but as soon as one of the soldiers glimpses a dead body Fellow them by chance, you will find that you are surrounded on all sides by many planes and gunboats that are difficult to eliminate using normal weapons, leaving you vulnerable to death several times in a row. We therefore advise you to carefully hide the corpses of soldiers, as well as to use the Supremo Rocket Launcher with care and caution as it takes a long time to be able to use it again.

Fifth: Don’t Ignore Reading Notes While Playing Far Cry 6

One of the things that many players don’t know is the need to pay attention to reading all the notes you find while playing. Although this process can get boring at times, we advise you not to ignore these notes as they give you a lot of information about Antoine and his soldiers’ upcoming plans and help you a lot in planning to confront him properly. Also, these notes often give you a lot of information about the locations of the enemy’s military ambushes, the locations of supplies, the bunkers, the secret roads and even the looting locations and many more places and details that will help you in eliminating the enemy.

Sixth: Walk around and explore the Far Cry 6 map

Although Far Cry 6 is all about opening and eliminating enemy camps and military bases again and again, we advise you not to ignore exploring the games huge map by free-roaming and moving around the map using cars, tanks and vehicles Airplanes, even motorcycles and horses. Even when you unlock a new military area, the game gives you the option to go down to the area using a parachute or a Wingsuit, giving you a chance to reach many areas, explore all the places, and attack the enemy in new and amazing ways that won’t make you bored at all.

Seventh: Exploit the potential of during battles

your companionsIn Far Cry 6 your companions will not be people, members or even trained soldiers, but your friends are a group of predators or pets that each have a variety of different abilities and capabilities such as chickens, dogs or crocodiles . Where you can rely on their abilities and skills while fighting in battles and make the best use of them. Knowing that the more you use the abilities and capabilities of a particular animal, the more its abilities will develop over time and acquire more new skills that will definitely benefit you in battles.

Eighth: Be careful of Yara getting angry

as you advance in the game, killing your enemies, looting treasures, etc. The higher your thermometer is on the left side at the bottom of the screen, and the higher this scale is, the more violent and aggressive you are likely to get. You do it to your enemies, so you will increase the bloody fights and battles, making your enemies deal with you more aggressively over time and rely on their heavy weapons when fighting you.

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