Kena: Bridge of Spirits game review on PlayStation 5

Kena: Bridge of Spirits game has been released on September 21, 2021 on both PCs and on the PlayStation 5 platform exclusively, and is developed and published by Ember Lab from the action and adventure games, The game time is approximately 11 hours.

At the outset and before addressing the pros and cons of the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits, it must be clarified that the game’s story revolves around the game’s heroine called “Kenna”, a spirit who helps dead and trapped spirits, through the use of her supernatural abilities, in addition to using the abilities of the small creatures that accompany her. Anywhere she goes, calledCreatures Rot , these creatures help her fight and solve the puzzles she encounters to get to the facts and events, as well as access to the memories of the surrounding characters.

Therefore, the game’s story in general is simple and does not contain many details and plots within it, and is very similar to teenage fantasy novels. The developers of the game also provided a beautiful ending to the story, by introducing all the characters that you met throughout the events and that you edited, giving you the feelings of happiness and love that you shared in this story by playing with the heroine of the beloved game.

Features of the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits on the PlayStation 5

One of the most important features and advantages of the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits is that its virtual world is impressive in terms of great graphics and distinctive artistic style, which is dominated by the character of the western animation, where you feel while playing as if you are inside a movie Animations from famous Disney movies and not just a video game. Thus, Ember Lab Studios excelled at releasing a game that showcases its unique animation capabilities in such a dazzling way that it is the first game they developed.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits game also features a great soundtrack that makes the player live all the atmosphere of the game in a fun way, as the background music during the gameplay reflects all the events and details of the game in a fun way and conveys to everyone different and varied feelings depending on the situation, by feeling the moments of calm, and moments of excitement enthusiasm, and even feelings of stress and anxiety during the fight. Which prompts the player to relate to the characters more and enter the game world and feel the story from the first moment of playing.

As for the gameplay in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the first impression may be that the fighting style is very simple and easy, but once you delve into the events of the game and progress in the gameplay, you will find that the game has completely changed, by taking care of introducing new skills and abilities You completely change the way you play, in addition to searching for more new weapons and taking care of upgrading your weapons, accessing new methods and ways of fighting and confrontation as you progress in the game.

It is not only about developing your abilities, skills and even weapons to fight, but it also includes the enemies that you encounter while playing, as you notice that your enemies are evolving and getting stronger over time, and that they use more new and different methods and methods during the fight, as you discover that you will not be able to eliminate All leaders are the same way. Here comes the fun of playing in exploring many different fighting and confrontation methods, and working on developing your methods and using them each time in a different way that matches the capabilities of the enemy you face. This is what distinguishes the fighting style of the exclusive game Kena: Bridge of Spirits on the PlayStation platform.

The game also features new elements, which are the Rot creatures that accompany our heroine “Kina” wherever she goes. The more Rots surrounding the heroine, the more powerful she is. As you progress in the game, you will strive to increase their numbers and develop their abilities so that they become a necessary element for you during confrontations and fighting, as you can rely on them greatly during combat and use them to raise your abilities and skills during the encounter.

Rot creatures can be used to distract the enemy so that you can eliminate them with an arrow or a stick. These beautiful creatures also have unexpected abilities such as the ability to carry very heavy things, which makes you always strive to develop and make the most of them while fighting.

Disadvantages of Kena: Bridge of Spirits One

The down sides to the game is that masks are not widely used and are limited to seeing the glitter of things. The style and speed of putting on and taking off the mask is also slow, which makes the player feel some frustration while using it. There are also some issues when controlling some features, especially when jumping between platforms and when controlling Rot creatures.

One of the negative things about Kena: Bridge of Spirits is that in many situations there are no instructions and hints, which makes you miss out on some items and ways that you can explore while playing. There is also some repetition in some puzzles, which makes the player feel some boredom while playing, as the player considers the puzzles just obstacles that he seeks to overcome only and loses the element of fun and enthusiasm while playing. Nevertheless, the game is a unique experience and a successful and powerful start for Ember Lab Studios, offering a masterpiece with unique combat style and fun and exciting gameplay.

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