after the release of Far Cry 6 on October 7, 2021, which was developed and published by Ubisoft on the current and previous generation PlayStation and Xbox. Since this part is one of the best parts of the series, the richest and most diverse, with a great story and exciting and fun events, there are a lot of players who love the series, and are interested in knowing everything new in this part. And learn the most important tips that will help them play Far Cry 6 professionally. So, if this game is on your list of games that you would like to have and try on your console, be it PlayStation or Xbox, then follow these tips to get a more professional and enjoyable gaming experience while playing Far Cry 6.

First: destroy all the Alarms and surveillance cameras

during gameplay and as you progress through the events, you will find that you are attacking a group of FND bases so you can control Anton’s soldiers and seek to open more new places in order to obtain more new weapons and equipment, and the closer you are, you will be able to eliminate many Soldiers, whenever you feel that victory is very near, but you should not be deceived by that, because you will be surprised by many sirens sounding in the place suddenly and the whole base will turn into a military place full of supplies for soldiers, which will make your task very difficult.

Although the game gives you the ability to engage in conflicts with enemies, it will be very difficult, so we advise you before you touch any place full of enemies, climb the highest mountain peak or watchtower in the area and use your phone to check the place and know the soldiers present and their ranks as well as identify All monitoring and warning devices and begin to destroy them before entering and engaging with the enemies, starting with the officers of the highest rank and then the soldiers of the lowest rank.

Second: Make sure to unlock the Supremo and Resolver weapons unlock

Far Cry 6 is known to have a large collection of cool and deadly weapons, which the player canas he progresses in the game, but the Supremo and Resolver weapons will only be unlocked by increasing the level of the player, So you should take care of upgrading your character while playing. You will also need to collect a large amount of uranium to be able to manufacture these weapons, which requires a lot of exploration and wandering, especially since they are rare. However, you will be able to get a large number of powerful weapons that will help you engage in bloody and fierce battles.

Third: Make sure to upgrade your weapons and use each weapon at the right time

One of the most important things that distinguishes Far Cry 6 is that it contains many different and varied weapons and ammunition, which are used according to the situation and the enemy you face and its capabilities. Therefore, the game before entering the area gives you important information about the equipment of the enemies and provides some details about the types of weapons and ammunition that help you eliminate them easier and faster, giving you the ability to plan and tactics correctly before attacking any area full of enemies. The more you advance in the game, the more you can upgrade your weapons and get more rare and deadly ammo that is suitable for each type of enemy.

Fourth: Watch out for helicopters and gunboats

One of the most difficult things you face while playing Far Cry 6 are enemy helicopters and gunboats, while you find yourself in great control of the situation and able to eliminate the soldiers in disguise without revealing your location, but as soon as one of the soldiers glimpses a dead body Fellow them by chance, you will find that you are surrounded on all sides by many planes and gunboats that are difficult to eliminate using normal weapons, leaving you vulnerable to death several times in a row. We therefore advise you to carefully hide the corpses of soldiers, as well as to use the Supremo Rocket Launcher with care and caution as it takes a long time to be able to use it again.

Fifth: Don’t Ignore Reading Notes While Playing Far Cry 6

One of the things that many players don’t know is the need to pay attention to reading all the notes you find while playing. Although this process can get boring at times, we advise you not to ignore these notes as they give you a lot of information about Antoine and his soldiers’ upcoming plans and help you a lot in planning to confront him properly. Also, these notes often give you a lot of information about the locations of the enemy’s military ambushes, the locations of supplies, the bunkers, the secret roads and even the looting locations and many more places and details that will help you in eliminating the enemy.

Sixth: Walk around and explore the Far Cry 6 map

Although Far Cry 6 is all about opening and eliminating enemy camps and military bases again and again, we advise you not to ignore exploring the games huge map by free-roaming and moving around the map using cars, tanks and vehicles Airplanes, even motorcycles and horses. Even when you unlock a new military area, the game gives you the option to go down to the area using a parachute or a Wingsuit, giving you a chance to reach many areas, explore all the places, and attack the enemy in new and amazing ways that won’t make you bored at all.

Seventh: Exploit the potential of during battles

your companionsIn Far Cry 6 your companions will not be people, members or even trained soldiers, but your friends are a group of predators or pets that each have a variety of different abilities and capabilities such as chickens, dogs or crocodiles . Where you can rely on their abilities and skills while fighting in battles and make the best use of them. Knowing that the more you use the abilities and capabilities of a particular animal, the more its abilities will develop over time and acquire more new skills that will definitely benefit you in battles.

Eighth: Be careful of Yara getting angry

as you advance in the game, killing your enemies, looting treasures, etc. The higher your thermometer is on the left side at the bottom of the screen, and the higher this scale is, the more violent and aggressive you are likely to get. You do it to your enemies, so you will increase the bloody fights and battles, making your enemies deal with you more aggressively over time and rely on their heavy weapons when fighting you.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes was released on PlayStation and Xbox for current and older generations on October 22, 2021. Developed by Supermassive Games and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment The game is in the category of horror games that are rated for ages from 18 years old.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes game is one of the games based on dark horror stories that raise a lot of controversy, so the third part of the famous horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology came, bringing with it a series of terrifying events with a stand-alone story as the game came back to us throughout previous parts. Where the game returned to us with a strange new story full of myths and legends that push the player to immerse themselves in it, and whose course of events is largely controlled by the player’s decisions during the gameplay.

The story of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

The story of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is set in the House of Ashes at the end of the Iraq war during the year 2003, where special forces discover something more destructive than weapons of mass destruction inside the buried Sumerian temple… It contains many strange and unknown creatures that need to form a powerful union to control and survive them. And although the level of horror in the game was not at the level expected, the story of the game in general is attractive and exciting to the maximum, as the story offers a mixture of Sumerian mythology and the second Gulf War.

Although the game has a great storytelling system, the freedom of exploration in the game is very limited, and the dialogues in the game are designed for the player to judge situations according to his personal opinion and not according to the point of view of the character he plays with, which is one of the most important reasons why the player is not Closely related to the characters, they are just puppets that he only controls.

However, if you are a new player in The Dark Pictures Anthology series of games, this game offers a new type of story game that is free of combat and battles, it is a cinematic movie in which you take place and influence the course of events based on the decisions you make during the gameplay, as well as Controlling the texts of the dialogs, and clicking on the menus at the right time before the specified time period expires, and this type of game is interesting for many players, especially players who prefer to re-experience the game after completing it, but by making different decisions to reach different ends and know what will happen Then.

Game Characters

The game consists of 5 main characters, whose fate is controlled by the player’s decisions through the interaction between these characters, quick reaction and wise choices. Therefore, the element of interaction is one of the most important advantages of this type of game. Unlike the previous parts of the series, where there was not much attention to building distinctive characters that prompted the player to discover them and pay attention to them while playing, this part of the game was more concerned with building characters that always push you to save and care about them. In general, the characters were written beautifully and distinctly from the beginning of the game to the end.

One of the most important things in the game is the presence of distinct Arab characters such as Salim, knowing that many of these characters you will notice that they speak the Egyptian dialect, not the Iraqi dialect, even though the game simulates the time period at the time of the Iraq and Gulf War.

Game graphics

As for the graphic aspect of the game, the new title, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, has fairly good graphics. Despite the quality of the game’s graphics, the field you are allowed to see while playing does not allow you to see many environments, especially since the game’s events take place in one specific place.

But in terms of the composition and details of the environment in which the events of the game take place, you will sometimes find them similar to each other, but this is very logical, when a person imagines himself in a dark underground place, he will certainly feel in most areas that they are similar. As for the expressions and movements of the game characters, they were clearly unnatural, and these errors were very clear, especially since the graphics quality is high and many details appear in the game.

The game system

On the other hand, the game always makes you at the highest levels of concentration as you suddenly find commands that you need to click on suddenly, so the game always makes you in a state of anticipation and enthusiasm while playing and always ready to press the commands that will appear to you at any moment. The game also features many options that help in playing and choosing how difficult the game is, so that you can skip some difficult things that may cause you some inconvenience while playing, and enjoy a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

Also, the new title of House of Ashes did not differ from any previous part of the series, as the game has the same gameplay mechanics that we are used to in the previous two parts, where no new idea or new conditions were created. Especially in the way of solving puzzles. It’s definitely frustrating, as players have been looking forward to getting some new stuff that will increase the excitement and raise the levels of adrenaline in the blood while playing. Also, the game still maintains the gameplay with friends, but it does not accept playing with players outside the friends list, which makes the idea of the game somewhat limited.

In the end and in general, the new title in the series The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes brings a new, fun and rich gaming experience, although it does not solve the problems found in the previous two parts, such as the characters not realistic enough or problems with the expressions of the characters, or The player’s inability to adequately control the course of events, but the game is a new story that has been added to the same mold that we are accustomed to in the series.

However, the gameplay mechanics and the gameplay system are generally enjoyable and keep the player always on anticipation and enthusiasm for what will happen, and the Arabic translation in the game is a good thing that helps you understand the game, and you can get The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes on your device by Buy and charge PlayStation Store cards or Xbox cards provided by ar-pay at the best prices and discounts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as ar-pay is one of the sites dedicated to selling PlayStation Store and Xbox cards and all prepaid cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kids these days carry all kinds of smartphones, which are very popular among kids these days. As children and teens increasingly rely on computers and smartphones to do study and school research as well as communicate with teachers, parents need to monitor their children’s use of these devices outside of purpose. There is a whole world of dangers that your child may face while browsing the Internet.

So parents can track their children’s activities to intervene when needed, not to suppress or restrict but to correct and rescue, as children can be exposed to all kinds of harm on their mobile phones (or tablets), either on purpose or by accident. They spend a lot of time each day in front of their phone screens and may use websites and apps that are not appropriate for their age. A good parental control app can restore your sense of control and help you monitor anything that might harm your children. And if you intend to monitor your child’s phone activity, you need the parental control service offered by several apps, which we have collected for you in this list.

Application: NetNanny

It is one of the oldest parental control apps that can block your kids from adult content and control their usage. After installing the app on your child’s phone, you can easily monitor their real-time location, app activity, and set screen schedules to limit phone usage. The app monitors internet usage, social media app usage, and even YouTube history which gives you unique monitoring of all your kids’ online activities. You can also choose from three modes, which are allowed, alarm, and block. This way you can block pornography and bad conversations. By subscribing to the basic pricing plan, you can use the app on five devices in one subscription plan.

Application: Bark

This app monitors social media, so your teen can use social sites responsibly, and you will receive an alert if your child is sent bad messages. Bark is among the best parental control apps and can monitor content and filter websites with a single click. This application uses advanced processing techniques to determine which text messages are worth alerting and the application can understand most of the slang of teenagers.

Parents can easily adjust screen time to limit phone use at night or simply block websites they use most often. Bark does not offer location tracking or geolocation. Instead of that, be necessary for you “request registration of the arrival”. If your child agrees to share their location, you will get accurate data on Google Maps. And to solve this problem you can use other parental control software along with Bark to track the location without permission. Or you buy a wearable GPS tracker or smartwatch for kids. And Bark is one of the few parental control apps that monitors emails and online activity. The application in price is 99 annual dollars. There are other affordable options for managing screen time or blocking apps and websites.

Application: Boomerang

It is among the best apps for young children who just got their first phone and are learning how to use it responsibly. It does not provide social media monitoring or email monitoring, but it features a secure web browser and allows parents to block apps completely. The app offers much more features than traditional parental control apps as it comes with an effective system to restrict apps and prevent apps from being used based on the minimum age. You can also create usage schedules that enforce strict bedtime habits for your kids. The application provides full access to the list of applications installed on your child’s phone. To monitor internet activity, you will have to force the use of a SPIN browser which can track and provide accurate statistics on website visits as well as block porn and other explicit content. The application enables you to know the location of your child’s phone. It can also notify you if your child tries to tamper with the Boomerang app on their device.

Application: MOBICIP

This app provides complete parental control across many devices including Macs and Chromebooks as well. And with this wide device support, you can easily monitor all the Windows and Android devices your kids are using. Mobicip provides real-time monitoring and scheduling features that are easy to use apps and devices. It can also monitor and filter content from various streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, etc. It also allows children to request the parents to allow them to extend their phone use time a little longer. Parents can filter age-restricted content on the Internet and even review browser history to see which sites their children use most frequently.


With its launch, the application was distinguished, with only the basic features, but it introduced new features with the latest update. And the free version allows you to track and manage screen usage. The latest version also offers YouTube Safe Search which can block requests that are inappropriate for your child’s age. Parents can set app usage control and block according to age, category, and usage. The paid version has advanced features like a GPS baby locator, battery tracker, real-time alerts, YouTube search history, etc.

Application: FamiSafe

It is a parental control app that allows you to monitor your child’s iPhone and phone usage patterns. It also offers a set of features that make it superior to many other parental control apps. The Smart Schedule feature also allows you to adjust the usage time according to different places like school, library, etc. It allows you to block apps according to age and it can also block specific keywords previously entered by parents. If children enter such words in a YouTube search, parents will be automatically alerted. FamiSafe also has a powerful algorithm that scans the images in the gallery for nudity or pornographic content. The application also protects children from falling prey to useless applications with very high prices, as it provides a feature that prevents in-app purchases.

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Sometimes it is good to diversify in the games we try, the game world is like a vast endless sea, and here we are showing one of the games that offers a different and wonderful gaming experience at the same time, The Good Life has been in development for long periods, and development has stopped Sometimes due to financing problems, but the development was completed with the addition of many wonderful visual improvements, and the game came out at the end full of fun and also with bumps that the player has to pass in the gameplay experience, and certainly it is one of the best games that you can try on different platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Inside Rainy Woods, the villagers maintain their daily routine, in the village of a drunken priest, a useless novelist, and a witch doctor living in the depths of the Woods, it seems like the calm, peaceful, and routine world of the peaceful village, journalist Naomi Hayward’s goal is to pay off large debts in astronomical numbers for Morning Bell News and does so by revealing the secrets lurking beneath the surface of England’s happiest town so Naomi can pay her debts. At the end of each main gameplay mission, a portion of Naomi’s debts are forgiven, prompting the player to delve into the town’s various and sometimes silly mysteries but the goal is clear: to pay off the debt. To reveal the secrets of this town, she ventures to attend various parties and searches for secret documents inside a secret military base. Together, these surreal missions have a playful and exhilarating plot.

It’s the hell raging in this village, the hell of boredom and ridiculous routine that Naomi lives in, the restrictions placed on the villagers are also a limitation that extends to Naomi herself who constantly screams “damn hell” as she is assigned increasingly ridiculous routines. And in The Good Life, there are tons of sheep racing and mysterious hunting full of light perplexity that takes place within the open world of the game. You can also change as you play into a cat or dog at any time to unlock more possibilities, which Naomi takes as you play to discover the secrets within the village.

The Good Life is arguably fond of sophisticated systems that run under the hood and emit an impressively synchronized sound. for example, the restriction, enemy all citizens Rainy Woods their daily routine and their schedules which observes in her in cycle very playful night and day. Meanwhile, Naomi could get hungry, tired, sick or otherwise injured, and her attractiveness could drop if she didn’t shower and practice basic hygiene. Yes already some matters appear disgusting, to is what journalistic life imagines about detection secrets of grave spot tries? For each thing is tax, and tax of the work the newspapers it this way.

All this noise summarizes in necessity gaining of the money. That’s why you’re required to upload new photos of things and people you’ve taken around town to Flamingo to refill your wallet with money to take care of yourself. But aside from the expense of keeping Naomi nourished and healthy, most of these everyday ingredients are largely ignored in the increasingly bizarre adventures she finds herself taking through the game’s main thrust.

In the game, you will meet wild sheep and tame them for riding. And you’ll find the NPCs who speak Elizabethan English, and you may not understand them when they encounter a strange chicken, a fiddler who communicates by echolocation, and a brick-faced Boston journalist rival to Naomi who constantly shouts “LOBSTAH!” – Among other things. It’s a strange village and this weirdness is what gives you fun afterward and makes things more complicated, thus giving you an exciting gaming experience.

Naomi’s ability to handle dogs and cats and make use of their abilities plays an even greater role here across a variety of scenarios. Debt collection still plays its part in the gaming experience, and one of Naomi’s goals is. Although it may not be the only central element of the game, it is still important.

The game is flawed by the graphics, which may be modest compared to other role-playing games, and it can also be said that the characters were not written deeply and sufficiently, but the game is technically characterized by many points such as the distinctive music that changes during play many times, to keep pace with each scene during the gameplay. The choppy and atypical narrative also plays its part in the exciting gameplay.

The Good Life game is arguably a pleasant, engaging, and intriguingly rich experience, revolving around the assignments of photography, the exciting journalistic work of discovering a rural area, learning about the nature and secrets of life in it, and although it is based on fairy tales and legends – there is a heavy dose of myth Arthur is here, as well as the creations of detectives who resemble the famous legend of Arthur Conan Doyle – yes these are the small details that give the game its special charm. Like the feeling of quiet idleness in the middle of a village, or the joy of turning your back on everything to wander through the nearby fields.

The game is an absolute mess, and despite the great fun and excitement that comes with it, it’s not without its familiar shortcomings when it comes to technical details and narrative writing. However, the game pushes you to unlimited fantasy excitement, and to push the limits of the technical capabilities of the team. It’s an adventure as puzzling as it is charming, and in short, the small town of Rainy Woods is always ready to surprise you.

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As it is known, many people play video games in order to spend fun times and get entertainment and spend their free time happily and fun, but there are other players who prefer to resort to video games to enter into new difficult experiences, such as experiences Which makes them able to test their skills and abilities, as well as so that they can test their patience while playing. Therefore, the video games of these players depend on the degree of challenge and difficulty within the game, so they always strive for challenging and challenging video games that increase their passion to finish the game better. Therefore, in this article, we will present a list of the best video games that are considered difficult and full of challenges, whether on the PlayStation or Xbox platform, until the current year 2021.

1- Dark Souls game

At a time when many game studios were interested in providing easy video games to the maximum degree, In order to raise the percentage of games sales and get the highest profits, the studio From Software was interested in providing a new type of games with a high level of difficulty and challenges, improved Dark Souls that it carries elaborate gameplay mechanics and is characterized by its solid design, which motivates the player to strive to improve his level and increase his desire for challenge and achievement. The Dark Souls series offers a group of bosses that differ in their abilities and diverse and unconventional methods that make you constantly change your style and the way you play so that you can eliminate them. Therefore, this type of game is not recommended for nervous people as it may lead to high levels of their blood pressure.

Dark Souls is available on PlayStation and Xbox.

2- Bloodborne

Bloodborne was developed by From Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2015. It is an action and RPG game as well as one of the most difficult horror and adventure games. The story of the game takes place in the city of Yarnam, which was designed as one of the cities of the Victorian era, where an epidemic of the so-called pale blood epidemic, which is transmitted through blood, turns all the inhabitants of the city into monsters hostile to humanity.

Therefore, the role of the main player in the game comes to eliminate these monsters and cleanse the city from them, through the use of a precise and difficult gameplay in which the player balances the dangers he faces with his main task in eliminating these monsters, through the use of a fast and smooth fighting style full of excitement and suspense.

3- Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

The Sekiro Shadows Die Twice game was also developed by the studio From Software and published by Activision in 2019 on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it is an adventure and stealth game, and the game is characterized by a high level of difficult challenges that give The player has a great degree of fun, excitement and suspense.

The game is characterized by the difficulty levels in each of the commanders that the player faces, and it also has a fast and different fighting style that requires a lot of concentration during the gameplay. Therefore, the game is considered one of the most difficult video games that have been launched so far, as the studio From Software has always provided difficulty levels that may reach the point of provocation at times, but raise the levels of adrenaline in the blood. However, the game overall is legendary and worth it, with an amazing design of enemies and a great open world worth exploring.

4- Nioh 2

After the studio presented its first masterpiece, Team Ninja, the game Nioh. Last year 2020 came in advance of the second part of its game Nioh 2, thus providing us with a new part of the famous action and RPG game that was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 platform, which includes more difficulty and challenge, by presenting a group of massive leaders who have been specially designed More brutal, in addition to providing a difficult and accurate fighting style that depends on many options that suit your plan and style of fighting. Therefore, having Yokai powers in Nioh 2 will not make him unbeatable. The developers of the game have paid great attention to providing the game with powerful and ruthless enemies, with amazing and varied characteristics and skills that make them capable of delivering dangerous and deadly strikes.

5- Alien Isolation

No one who has experienced Alien Isolation can deny the extent of the horror that the game offers, as the developer studio for the game Creative Assembly has mastered providing a high level of fear and horror during the events of the game and in every corner of it. The story of the game revolves around the most powerful alien being that cannot be killed, but you only rely on disguise, testing and avoiding it, as well as a group of robots and groups of other humans who pose a great danger to you. Therefore, the game is very exciting especially for the players who prefer action and action games and deal with the AI enemies that are difficult to eliminate and their movements and actions are unpredictable.

The game is available on both the PlayStation and Xbox.

6- Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Although many players may be surprised by the presence of the platform-adventure game Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time in the list of the most difficult video games, the game is among the difficult games, because Where the level of challenges that surely gives the player a large dose of fun, excitement and suspense. The game was developed by the developer Toys for Bob and published by Activision on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the year 2020.

7- Cuphead Game

Despite the simple designs of Cuphead that look like they came from old animated films, the game has a high level of challenges and tough battles. The game mainly depends on getting rid of leaders who may seem from their simple appearance easy to eliminate, but killing them is a very big challenge, because they have difficult and fast movements that are difficult for the player to anticipate and avoid. So the game requires high concentration along with a high level of patience in order to be able to kill these leaders. Also, you’ll need to choose your weapons and gadgets carefully and meticulously until you’re ready to take down each of these bosses.

The game is available on the Xbox One platform.

8- The Witness The game

was developed by studio Jonathan Blowand published on the PlayStation 4 platform in 2016. It is in the category of Puzzle games. The difficulty of the game is that it does not give you any information or instructions before playing, which makes you discover all the rules and regulations of the game yourself. The game also features intricate puzzles that will make you feel victorious when you reach to solve the puzzle.

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Certainly, many smartphone users agree on the fact that the iPhone is one of the best smartphones ever in terms of games and entertainment, due to the strength of the device that contains many modern technologies developed by Apple specifically for it. In light of the circumstances that the world is going through in the current period and in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic all over the world, many people have certainly resorted to video games, especially smartphone games as they are indispensable and accompany humans anywhere, and many are interested in games that they can share with their friends and relatives. So this is the time so that you can have a good time with your playing friends. And through this article, we will provide you with the best online games available on the iTunes store for iPhone users, which you can share with your friends. No matter what kind of games you like, in this list you will find all kinds of games that are sure to give you a good time and fun. Android phone users can also view the best online group games available on the Google Play Store for Android phone users.

First: Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is one of the online multiplayer games available on the iTunes store for iPhone users, the game is designed specifically for smartphones. Developed by Garina and Timi Studios and published by Tencent, Arena of Valor is one of the games very similar to League Of Legends, it is in the MOBA category, and the game has a distinctive gameplay that is full of fun and excitement. The game is played by dividing the battle into two teams, each team consists of 5 players, each of the players is able to build his character freely.

The gameplay in Arena of Valor is based on the continuous development of your fighting abilities and skills from the very first moment of playing, as the battle begins with weak abilities at the beginning of the game. Also, the main objective of playing this type of game is to eliminate your enemies and save your life for the last moment in the battle, gain more gold and abilities, level up and upgrade your character.

Second: Bowmasters

The game Bowmasters is one of the new multiplayer games full of action, fun and humor available on the iTunes store. During the gameplay, you will be able to choose from more than 60 different fighting characters, and the characters of the game vary between warriors and crazy characters, and each character has a variety of special skills and styles, and a distinctive and unique fighting method. But during the game the player is able to anticipate his enemy and is able to calculate the difference between him and his enemy so that he can strike with precision and dexterity and achieve more achievements. Therefore, the game is very interesting, and it is considered one of the best games available on the iTunes store, which can be played online with your friends and enjoy a fun and entertaining time.

Third: Asphalt 9 Legends

Many players know that Asphalt 9 Legends is one of the best racing games in general, as it contains the best types of racing cars with modern and advanced designs. These designs give the player the ability to customize these designs to suit the type of racing he is playing in it. In addition, the game has high-quality graphics, as Asphalt 9 Legends is very similar to Super Mario, which means that the game gives you the advantage of automatic vehicle operation, so the player only has to control the direction of the car’s path, determine the jumps in the air and control the car more precisely So that he can escape from confined spaces.

The game also won a large number of awards because it contains an exciting set of exciting races that raise the levels of adrenaline in the blood and make the player excited and fun to the highest degree while playing, as the game includes more than 60 rounds around the world, so the game is one of the most Games available on the iTunes store for iPhone phones.

Fourth: FIFA Football

FIFA Football is one of the best and most popular games available on the iTunes store, and in general, FIFA has many fans, which makes them spend a lot of time playing and enjoying wonderful and entertaining moments with their friends. Note that FIFA has won many awards because it is one of the most famous football games in the world, and has an official license from the World Football Association and the governing body for football in the world.

One of the most important features of the game is that it gives you the ability to customize and configure your team in the ultimate team mode among the English, Italian, or American league players, etc., so FIFA Football is your best choice if you are a football fan.

Fifth: PUBG Mobile game

Of course, many know that the PUBG Mobile game is one of the most popular games among smartphone games in general, as it is one of the most popular games that have achieved huge profits in the recent period. The PUBG game is a group shooting game that works on all operating systems, including iPhone phones, so you can easily get the PUBG Mobile game from the iTunes store. The most important thing about the game is that it does not have many on-screen controls while playing. It is generally free of technical issues and things that make you lose focus while playing and shooting.

PUBG game also give you PUBG currency, with which you can buy more rewards and gifts while playing, this currency is called PUBG UC. ar-pay is one of the best sites to sell PUBG UC online easily, quickly and at the best prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sixth: Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the unique battle royale games and one of the most famous battle royale games in the world. Fortnite is characterized by its amazing and wonderful world. As players enjoy playing on an island with lots of big cities, each city has its own style of building and its own gameplay. There is a city with beautiful homes, another with skyscrapers, another with a focus on shopping, and so on, knowing that each of these cities is bright and colorful and vibrant. As is known about the game, Fortnite has many weapons and bombs that the player seeks to collect since the beginning of the game.

Seventh: Call of Duty Mobile

Although the Call of Duty game is free on the iTunes store and anyone can download and enjoy it for free, you may often need to resort to real money in-game purchases to enjoy buying the many weapons and gear that help you Survive as long as possible amidst the many epic battles in which you will find yourself. The game also depends on the gameplay from a first-person or third-person perspective. It is also similar to other battle royale games, where you find yourself in the midst of 100 players in a large battlefield, your main objective is to survive and survive to the end by engaging in a lot of battles and fights with many other players.

Finally, there are many games that you can play online with your friends outside of this list, but we focused on the best of these games that you can download from the iTunes store, and you can also enjoy downloading and playing these games and getting more advantages and rewards while playing with iTunes cards provided by ar-pay at the best prices and discounts in Saudi Arabia.

There are many children who own PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 devices, and certainly many parents are looking for the best games that suit their children and that give them a unique and fun gaming experience at the same time that suits their young ages. Since there is a large library of childrens games that they can get on their PlayStation platform, in this article we will provide a list of the best titles that your child can enjoy on their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, where you can enjoy downloading and playing any of these games on your device thanks to Backwards compatibility feature for these games.

1- Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom is one of the new games released in conjunction with the release of the PlayStation 5 platform, developed by studio ASOBI Teamand published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on November 19, 2020. One of the most important advantages of Astro’s Playroom is that it supports the most important features The PlayStation 5 of the new generation, where the haptic feedback of the new controller is DualSenses evident.

The game is a hugely fun platformer game, and basically the game features a big world and its hero is a small robot, as it is similar to the famous Mario games for kids that give the player a simple gaming experience by doing some missions, facing enemies and moving between stages well designed for kids. So the game is very entertaining and suitable for children.

2- Bugsnax

Developed and published by the studio Young Horses, Bugsnax is a charming, humorous adventure game that can be categorized as a puzzle game that collects a group of small monsters, and the game also contains some food and snacks. The game is based on first-person gameplay. The most important thing about the game is that it has wonderful graphics, bright colors and strange and distinctive cartoon characters that children prefer. As for the gameplay, Bugsnax is characterized by an easy, simple and uncomplicated gameplay. The gameplay is based on searching and dealing with a lot of unique creatures, which gives the game an element of fun and enjoyment.

3- Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

After the release of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time during the month of October of last year 2020 on the PlayStation platforms of the previous generation and the new generation, the game won the admiration of many players, especially children, and it is considered one of the adventure games and platforms . The most distinguishing feature of the game is its attractive graphics filled with bright colors that show the wonderful diversity of the game environments and the worlds that the player visits during the gameplay.

Although the game has been greatly admired by children, it is generally suitable for all ages, and is characterized by new gameplay mechanics that are widely compatible with the new generation devices of the PlayStation 5 platform, especially as it provides 4K graphics at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5 so that the player can enjoy the best and smoother gaming experience. Since many players may find Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time difficult at times, so sometimes kids need help to pass some stages while playing, it generally has a distinctive gameplay that encourages players to learn how to play and tricks that help them in skipping stages.

4- Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is very similar to Mario Kart, it is a car racing game, but it will give you a sense of the identity of the original game released 20 years ago, but with more improvements and improvements, but it still has the same controls, details, and secret gameplay tricks. The most important feature of the game is the element of fun and humor between the game’s characters.

Game Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled was published and developed by Beenox and published by Activision on Playstation 4, characterized by style game play easy and simple,in addition to providing a relatively difficult process for professional players. The game also features rich and varied content, and has high-quality graphics that reflect the details of the natural environments in the game such as beaches, forests, and various climatic changes from rain, wind and ice.

5- Dragon Quest Builders 2

The Dragon Quest Builders 2 game, developed and published by Square Enix in partnership with studio Omega Force, is an action game that was published in 2019 on the PlayStation 4 platform. A comic in the game. Also, you can switch between first-person or third-person gameplay, and do many exciting activities like running, swimming, island hopping, etc.

The game also gives you an online mode that makes you able to play collectively with 3 of your friends online, where you can move to other players and visit their island and help them build and many activities. In general, the game is very interesting and fun and helps you to implement your projects big and small.

6- Dreams

Dreams is one of the best simulation and adventure games exclusively released on the PlayStation 4 platform, developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game also attracted the interest of many children, especially children who are very interested in the shape and designs of games, as the game provided fun ways to recreate games, especially classic games. However, the game in general is an unlimited experience that contains huge capabilities and capabilities that give the player a continuous beauty and splendor that increases with the creativity of each player.

7- Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

For many years, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been one of the most popular battle royale games among players. It is a shooting game developed by Mediatonic studio that has been admired by many players on the PlayStation 4. The game is characterized by the element of fun and humor through the use of funny and cute shapes. The game also features a set of uniquely designed cool maps for up to 60 players to compete in one round. The gameplay depends on passing through several stages and simple rounds, and after passing each stage, a number of players who could not pass the stage are excluded.

Finally, you have got a distinguished list of wonderful games that may attract your children greatly and they can enjoy them on the PlayStation platform, whether for the previous generation or the new generation, and you can easily download any of these games and more and get more rewards within the games through the use of prepaid Playstation cards offered by ar-pay at the best prices and discounts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as ar-pay is one of the leading sites in selling all types of prepaid cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The elegance of the phone is a big part of the elegance and quality of the background one puts on, and a good wallpaper can completely change the look of your phone and make it cooler. And finding high-quality wallpaper is not a difficult task if you have the right wallpaper app. Although there are hundreds of background apps available in the Apple Store, not all of them are suitable. So in this article, we have selected the best apps for you to choose from.

iPhone users want to change their phone wallpaper constantly, and while some people use their photos, this limits you to the number of photos you have. While wallpaper apps allow you to have other options, like trying to set a cool wallpaper for your favorite movie, music, sports, or favorite place on Google, or searching a webpage with various wallpapers. But it is often very difficult to get an image that you like, but the background software makes it easy as they offer thousands of amazing backgrounds to choose from.

There are a bunch of apps in the Apple Store that will help you find the perfect wallpaper for your iPhone. You can find amazing designs, cute graphics, or great photos taken from people all over the world including professional photographers. The pillar here phrase about the group from generous rear applications which all employed requirements comply with. The list contains a collection of various best iPhone wallpaper apps that you can choose and apply to your iPhone to make the device more attractive.

Application: Zedge

It is one of the best iOS wallpaper apps that you can install on your iPhone in 2021. It is the most popular wallpaper app that includes not only images but also the best ringtones and cool wallpapers. With it, you can personalize your iPhone with an amazing high-quality wallpaper or a funny ringtone. The app has been downloaded millions of times on the iOS Store with excellent user reviews.

The application in presence be distinguished rear FHD, and many tones, and rear wonderful video, in the addition for sounds the warning and the notification, and the posters, and favorite possibility of work to conserving rear which wants her to the arrival speed up to her and her fixation on your mobile, just as be possible your the rear application from participation with friends.

Application: Icon Skins Themes

It is an excellent wallpaper app that focuses on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. The advantage of this application is that there are about 1000 very cool wallpapers that the user can choose from, on the iPhone or iPad, the application also comes with a lot of icons shapes that you can get for free. Some of the icons are premium but you will need to pay money to purchase them. So if you are looking for an easy and simple wallpaper app with an attractive interface then this is the best app for you.

Application: WLPPR

WLPPR contains high-quality wallpapers of celestial bodies, so if you like to set images of astronomy as your phone screen and lock screen background, you should try this app. The wallpapers come with perfect designs and the finest detailed descriptions of celestial bodies. The app provides background details which include the source and location of all images. The app comes in two versions, one free full of ads and one paid with no ads. The free version also has some limitations in the use of wallpapers and to take advantage of the extra features, you will have to make in-app purchases.

Application: Magic Screen

It is a modern and advanced wallpaper app that can help you customize the look of your home screen and lock screen. The application allows you to add many effects to your background. There are more than 35 magical and attractive effects available that you can add to your wallpapers. Moreover, you can also add frames and other customizations to the background. The app also allows you to turn your photo, video, or Gif into a live image that you can set on your home screen. You can also get the app for free but there are in-app purchases for some paid wallpapers.

Application: Unsplash

You may have heard of Unsplash, which is one of the best sites to find royalty-free images from all over the world. Unsplash has a library of more than 2.5 million images that you can use, and there are also free images that you can use anywhere, anytime. And all of them are high-resolution images, to give your iPhone the best possible look. The advantage of Unsplash is that you can use some of its images in your work. If you are looking for images to add to your website, you can take them from Unsplash without having any issues with creators and copyrights.

Application: Vellum Wallpapers

It is a stylish wallpaper app that provides you with different attractive and meticulously designed wallpapers. The application is characterized by a large number of backgrounds, providing you with various options to choose from. All wallpapers are in FHD quality and are pleasing to the eyes with their bright and attractive colors and elegant and varied design. The app features daily wallpapers that can be applied and customized to make it look more attractive. And the app is best for iPhone users because the set of wallpapers suits Apple devices better. The app is available for free, but it contains a lot of ads, which users may not like.

It is one of the most popular wallpaper apps on the App Store, it is packed with some cool and unique wallpapers that are curated and hand-picked by the Vellum team, and what makes the app special is that you can customize the wallpaper you want to use. You can also easily modify any background, ensuring that you will not use the background with the same design as others. There are thousands of free, high-quality images to choose from, with new packs and individual wallpapers coming daily.

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Nowadays, smartphones have become perhaps the first and preferred means of entertainment, watching videos, high-quality movies, series, dramas, and even educational programs, lectures, etc., and this makes it necessary for the phone to have a professional video playback application compatible with the phone so that it can play various types of files.

But for users of Apple devices, may find some difficulty in searching for an application suitable for their devices, so we have put together this list of the best video playback programs ever so that the iPhone user can choose from them, and by using these best video player applications, you can play videos in any way. Accurate and add subtitles to your movies without having to search for an external source to download them. Here is the list of the best apps ever to play video on iPhone devices in 2021.

Application: PlayerXtreme Media Player

It is an application available for iPhone and iPad and a video player that is rich in many features. The application supports almost all the formats in which the content of any video can be viewed, which means that you do not have to worry about the format of the video you are playing. The application also facilitates you through its easy interface a simple user experience through which you can watch the video content stored on your phone. PlayerXtreme can play more than 35 video formats with high definition audio quality. So by using this app, you can stream and watch any kind of video. So you can easily watch anything from your phone on your TV and watch your favorite movies in high definition. PlayerXtreme has an easy-to-use interface and excellent organizing skills for your mobile video folders so that you can easily access any of your movies. This player not only lets you access movies from the cloud but also lets you download movies from your computer, so no matter where you are, you can easily watch any of your movies or videos.

The application also supports casting via AirPlay and Google Chromecast, and there are advanced settings to increase or decrease the volume, and the paid version of the application also provides the feature of adding a password to the application. With it, you will be able to download subtitles in real-time. It can play files from email attachments. HD playback (with a resolution of 1080p) is supported for all formats. It also supports SRT, SSA/ASS, SMI, and many other subtitles in almost all languages. It allows you to increase the volume up to 3 times the original sound for watching movies with headphones.

PlayXtreme Media Player is one of the best video player apps for iPhone with a free version that offers some basic features. While you can buy the paid version with prepaid cards to unlock the advanced features.

Application: 8Player

It is a multifunctional application for playing videos, music, and photos, but it does not support all video formats but it can play some formats especially the popular ones in 1080p. And the app offers some of the best customization features that allow you to use the app the way you prefer. And 8Player can be the one-stop solution for playing all kinds of media files stored on your Apple devices. The app also supports Google Chromecast feature that helps you enjoy videos on the big screen. The app has an attractive user interface, thanks to its elegant and simple design.

Application: VLC For Mobile

No list of video players for iPhone is complete without mentioning the great media player VLC. It is the most popular video player on desktop devices, and the special version of it for iPhone devices is no less popular. With it, you can play videos in any format without conversion, and play many codecs without downloading external codecs. The application is also distinguished by its simple and attractive design. It can sync videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, and iTunes. It supports advanced subtitles, volume control, and the media player app can be locked with a Touch ID or passcode. So VLC media player for iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best video players for iPhone and iPad. Subtitles can be imported from the Internet by entering a URL.

Application: KMPlayer

One of the best video players ever and suffice it to say that KMPlayer has been downloaded more than 800 million times, so you can be sure that this software will not disappoint you for an enjoyable movie and video watching experience. KMPlayer supports almost all video formats and supports any type of subtitle format. Originally designed for PC users, but now has a Mac version, KMPlayer has become one of the world’s most popular multimedia players with more than 300 million users in more than 230 countries and supported in 36 languages. KMPlayer Video Player for iPhone 7 has all the codecs you need like 4K video codec, H.265, VP9, etc., and supports movies of various quality. You can also control the volume, navigation, and turn on/off subtitles with ease.

By running this software, you can enjoy high-quality videos or movies on your large flat-screen TV or smaller phone screen. So if you are looking for an iPhone video player that supports 4k videos, your search ends with KMPlayer. The program also allows you to watch videos without worrying about video format and encoding because it supports a wide variety of formats. The application comes with an easy-to-use interface with rich features that make this application one of the best video playback applications for iPhone devices. This player also supports Google Cloud, FTP, and Dropbox, so if you want to watch directly from the cloud, you can. The developers of the app do a lot of research to make KMPlayer the best it can be, and they are always working to improve the accuracy of the speed and fine-tune the additional features of the app, so the software is highly recommended for an enjoyable viewing experience.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits game has been released on September 21, 2021 on both PCs and on the PlayStation 5 platform exclusively, and is developed and published by Ember Lab from the action and adventure games, The game time is approximately 11 hours.

At the outset and before addressing the pros and cons of the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits, it must be clarified that the game’s story revolves around the game’s heroine called “Kenna”, a spirit who helps dead and trapped spirits, through the use of her supernatural abilities, in addition to using the abilities of the small creatures that accompany her. Anywhere she goes, calledCreatures Rot , these creatures help her fight and solve the puzzles she encounters to get to the facts and events, as well as access to the memories of the surrounding characters.

Therefore, the game’s story in general is simple and does not contain many details and plots within it, and is very similar to teenage fantasy novels. The developers of the game also provided a beautiful ending to the story, by introducing all the characters that you met throughout the events and that you edited, giving you the feelings of happiness and love that you shared in this story by playing with the heroine of the beloved game.

Features of the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits on the PlayStation 5

One of the most important features and advantages of the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits is that its virtual world is impressive in terms of great graphics and distinctive artistic style, which is dominated by the character of the western animation, where you feel while playing as if you are inside a movie Animations from famous Disney movies and not just a video game. Thus, Ember Lab Studios excelled at releasing a game that showcases its unique animation capabilities in such a dazzling way that it is the first game they developed.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits game also features a great soundtrack that makes the player live all the atmosphere of the game in a fun way, as the background music during the gameplay reflects all the events and details of the game in a fun way and conveys to everyone different and varied feelings depending on the situation, by feeling the moments of calm, and moments of excitement enthusiasm, and even feelings of stress and anxiety during the fight. Which prompts the player to relate to the characters more and enter the game world and feel the story from the first moment of playing.

As for the gameplay in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the first impression may be that the fighting style is very simple and easy, but once you delve into the events of the game and progress in the gameplay, you will find that the game has completely changed, by taking care of introducing new skills and abilities You completely change the way you play, in addition to searching for more new weapons and taking care of upgrading your weapons, accessing new methods and ways of fighting and confrontation as you progress in the game.

It is not only about developing your abilities, skills and even weapons to fight, but it also includes the enemies that you encounter while playing, as you notice that your enemies are evolving and getting stronger over time, and that they use more new and different methods and methods during the fight, as you discover that you will not be able to eliminate All leaders are the same way. Here comes the fun of playing in exploring many different fighting and confrontation methods, and working on developing your methods and using them each time in a different way that matches the capabilities of the enemy you face. This is what distinguishes the fighting style of the exclusive game Kena: Bridge of Spirits on the PlayStation platform.

The game also features new elements, which are the Rot creatures that accompany our heroine “Kina” wherever she goes. The more Rots surrounding the heroine, the more powerful she is. As you progress in the game, you will strive to increase their numbers and develop their abilities so that they become a necessary element for you during confrontations and fighting, as you can rely on them greatly during combat and use them to raise your abilities and skills during the encounter.

Rot creatures can be used to distract the enemy so that you can eliminate them with an arrow or a stick. These beautiful creatures also have unexpected abilities such as the ability to carry very heavy things, which makes you always strive to develop and make the most of them while fighting.

Disadvantages of Kena: Bridge of Spirits One

The down sides to the game is that masks are not widely used and are limited to seeing the glitter of things. The style and speed of putting on and taking off the mask is also slow, which makes the player feel some frustration while using it. There are also some issues when controlling some features, especially when jumping between platforms and when controlling Rot creatures.

One of the negative things about Kena: Bridge of Spirits is that in many situations there are no instructions and hints, which makes you miss out on some items and ways that you can explore while playing. There is also some repetition in some puzzles, which makes the player feel some boredom while playing, as the player considers the puzzles just obstacles that he seeks to overcome only and loses the element of fun and enthusiasm while playing. Nevertheless, the game is a unique experience and a successful and powerful start for Ember Lab Studios, offering a masterpiece with unique combat style and fun and exciting gameplay.

Finally, we mention that the game is available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 store, and if you want to get it and enjoy more advantages and rewards within the game, you can use PlayStation Store cards provided by ar-pay , where ar-pay is one of the leading sites on Internet dedicated to selling PlayStation Store cards and all types of prepaid cards at the best prices and discounts that you will not see anywhere else in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After the release of the game Kena Bridge of Spirits after a period of delays by the studio Ember Lab, the game won the approval of many players, as the game provided a wonderful story full of exciting events, in addition to a great graphics level that made One of the most powerful PlayStation games launched in the recent period. So if Kena Bridge of Spirits, a PlayStation exclusive for the past and new generations, is one of the most important titles that you want to play, in this article we will provide the most important tips that will help you play better.

First: Explore the world around you and interact with all the blue elements

Although the world of Kena Bridge of Spirits is not as big as other open world games, the environment around you is full of many secrets and interesting areas that give the player many rewards and things, By exploring more items and searching for them. According to the developers of the game, the virtual world of Kena Bridge of Spirits (PlayStation Exclusive) contains many paths and places that can be discovered during the gameplay, especially for players who prefer to get more and more in every detail and event of the game, especially since the story of the main game can be To be completed in only about 10 hours.

Roaming and exploring within the game helps you find many puzzles related to your environment, as well as many objects and collectibles, in addition to finding coins to spend on various cosmetic items, as well as finding special hats to put on your Rot Souls, etc. till then. We therefore advise you to move within the environment freely and explore the places in it. Finally you have to interact with any item in blue to get many collectibles.

Second: Use the Rot’s abilities constantly

A lot of the basic abilities and skills of the heroine of the game called “Kina” depend mainly on the abilities of the spirits Rot That accompany her anywhere, it is that small spirits follow the heroine of the game wherever she goes. The more of these creatures, the more powerful they become. Rot abilities act as special and special combat abilities, giving the player powerful attacks that enhance his strength or help him reduce the skills and abilities of the enemy.

Although these creatures aren’t brave enough, their abilities and skills are tied to a scale called the Courage Gauge, so when this counter is complete you can use the full Rot abilities. You can also reload this gauge by taking regular hits or collecting yellow items that fall from enemies during combat.

Third: Use the time-slow feature when shooting

The game gives you a great feature, which is the feature of slowing down time for a few seconds in some cases. You can use this feature when shooting, which gives you greater accuracy during the process of shooting at moving objects, and studying and understanding the battlefield more in specific seconds. This feature is activated by just jumping in the air and using the arrow, so you will find that time passes slowly, and here you have to take advantage of this slowness during the shooting process.

Fourth: Pay Attention to Healing While Playing

As you play, you will find that the heroine’s health will automatically regenerate when you are not in any battles, but in epic and powerful battles, you will find that you need to use the abilities of Rots to heal quickly by using custom flowers to heal and refill the health bar. Since it is rare to get healing flowers during combat, we advise you to use them with caution and only overuse them in specific situations that will help you save from death.

Fifth: Use dribbling tricks to dodge enemies

Although there is a dedicated dodge button in Kena: Bridge of Spirits , jumping is one of the best ways you can use to escape and avoid enemies, especially when facing a powerful boss, where you must carefully monitor the enemy’s movements and choose a tactic. Fighting is right for him, and the current situation, where you can use a jumping technique that gives you the advantage of slowing down and gives you more time to decide your next attack method, which enhances your ability to eliminate the enemy. This doesn’t mean you should ignore other dribbling tactics, all dribbling options work properly to help you dodge enemies, but we recommend adding the jumping tactic to your options.

Sixth: Eliminate the red plants

when you start the game, you will encounter red plants called Deadzone Heart, you must kill these plants directly as soon as you encounter them, because these plants increase the number of enemies, they serve as a generator for certain enemies during the game, which the game did not clarify From the start, so if you don’t eliminate them from the start of the game, you will find yourself surrounded by an endless number of enemies.

Seventh: Take advantage of the advantages of the PlayStation 5 controller (DualSense)

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is one of the most famous games in which the features of the new PlayStation 5 controller (DualSense) appear by giving signals to the player that there are hidden elements surrounding him, through Provides vibrations when you approach a Rot that you haven’t detected, and the closer you are to it, the stronger the vibration, indicating that you’re on the right track. So pay attention to these signs as you walk around and explore the world around you.

Eighth: Use the map

Although the game map will not open directly when you start playing, and it will take a short period of time to be able to open it, it is necessary, and its importance is not only limited to accessing the locations of items and collectibles, but it displays buildings and locations that are important to you yours, and you can use them to determine the correct direction to go while getting around. So you should look at the map from time to time and observe the paths that surround you from time to time to determine your destination and explore the world around you.

Ninth: Unlock the Multi shot ability quickly.

The Multi Shot skill is one of the most powerful skills that you will get while playing, and this skill gives you the ability to hit more than one enemy at a time. If you shoot an enemy with your bow, the arrow will split and scatter to hit more nearby enemies. Therefore, this skill is very effective in controlling large numbers of enemies. The more you advance in the game, the more important the Multi Shot skill becomes during combat. So you should always hurry to reach this skill.

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The Saudi e-commerce market is considered one of the most growing markets in the entire Arab region, and many rely on electronic shopping applications as an alternative to traditional shopping methods from shops, and with the emergence of major platforms in the Saudi market such as Amazon Saudi Arabia, Noon, eBay and others, the Saudi citizen has many options to shop with all Ease, and for users of Apple or Android devices, there are many distinct applications that they can download with ease and enjoy a very easy shopping experience.

These applications are characterized as providing startups, retail store owners, and entrepreneurs the ability to communicate with a larger group of customers, easily manage supply and demand, manage inventory in advance, manage financial and consumer databases faster, and also provide the user with the opportunity to obtain and deliver thousands of products To his home with ease and in a very quick time, and to maintain his safety by social distancing that reduces the chances of infection with the Coronavirus.

In this list, we offer the Saudi reader a list of the most important online shopping applications available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which greatly facilitates the process of shopping and buying. We take into account in this list several factors, including the quality and availability of products, as well as the speed of delivery and the after-sales service provided by these sites.

Application: Amazon

Not surprisingly, the number one shopping app on this list is Amazon, which was founded on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington, the United States by businessman and currently the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. It initially started as an online marketplace for selling books. While now it has turned into the largest online store in the world and Saudi Arabia it leads sales as the largest site for the sale of various products, where the Saudi citizen can shop for clothes, electronics, software, beauty products, video games, clothes, furniture, foods, games, jewelry, and everything can Almost imagine it! Amazon also provides a host of other services such as Amazon Prime, Alexa, Appstore, Kindle, Music, Amazon Digital Game Store, and many more. Although the application started in a small room, it has now become the application that provides the best shopping experience to customers in the world, and since its launch in Saudi Arabia until it has controlled a large part of the e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia.

As a leading e-commerce store, Amazon has set a very high standard for what it means to provide customers with a completely seamless experience. Amazon is distinguished from other shopping platforms in that it has an excellent mix of official Amazon products and independent stores that you can buy from. There are also several specialized sections on the site for you to buy gifts for the people you love. Many Saudis use the app for holiday shopping as it features fast and reliable shipping. Shipping is usually free at Amazon Saudi Arabia, and Prime members are also allowed to get free two-day shipping on a variety of products. And in case you need something urgent from the application, some products can reach you on the same day. Amazon also does a good job of keeping you updated throughout the shipping process and until the shipment arrives. Suffice it to say to prove the mighty capabilities of Amazon that the site generates revenues of $253.9 billion annually.

Application: Noon

Noon is an e-commerce application among the largest shopping applications in the Middle East. Among the largest in Saudi Arabia, Noon is an Emirati company that conducts e-commerce in 3 countries mainly, namely the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Through the application, you can buy everything you want, as thousands of products fill all the different markets for shopping, including fashion, electronics, beauty, and beauty products. home, children, etc.

Noon e-commerce company was established in 2016 with funding from the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which owns a 50% stake, in partnership with Emirati businessman Mohammed Alabbar, the Kuwaiti Alshaya Company, and other investors. Since its establishment, Noon has become a major shopping destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Noon meets all the shopping aspirations of the Saudi citizen, as it has most of the different products and contracts with hundreds of brands, making it a major destination for the Saudi shopper, to purchase all his needs. Usually, Noon shipping is free, especially if the value of purchases exceeds a certain amount, and with the millions of various products in the store and available for delivery at the doorstep, Noon occupies a distinguished place among the shopping applications in Saudi Arabia. It also provides the shopper to easily search for the products they need using advanced search, dynamic filters, and easy navigation between application sections. Where you can easily search for your favorite products and add them to your cart and wish lists. Shopping lists and carts are also automatically synced between devices. Noon offers a variety of payment options, including prepaid cards, cash on delivery, credit and debit cards, and even easy installment options. It has an easy 15-day return policy for hassle-free shopping.

Application: Fordeal

The application creates a simple, happy, and high-quality lifestyle to have a unique shopping experience. The application gives the consumer free shipping for the new customer’s order over $50 and free returns for all orders within 15 days, and it also has offers such as buying one item and taking the other for free, Featuring offers from some worldwide brands, including Apple, Huawei, and other technology companies; Armani, Coach, and other women’s fashion brands; and sports brands like Nike and Skechers, with savings of up to 70%. The website offers a variety of presents to customers, including headphones, luggage, makeup, and watches. The application is characterized by the fact that the order and payment are completely secure, and the ordering process is completely risk-free, and the site allows secure payment via Paypal, credit, or debit card, with distinguished customer service around the clock.

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Certainly, while playing the game of PUBG, the most famous game in the world in recent times, you will always need to charge PUBG UC in order to enjoy the many gifts and weapons that the PUBG Mobile game provides.

One of the most popular and best ways to buy and charge PUBG UC is to use Razer Gold Credits, so that it provides you with more rewards and offers within the game to enjoy more gifts and weapons while playing. Of course, you would love to have a distinctive weapon color that is different from your friends and competitors, and get a great new outfit and other things and perks that you can purchase.

Through this article, we will explain the method of obtaining and charging a Razer Gold account, and also how to use the Razer Gold balance to recharge PUBG UC games in your account of the game in an easy way, and once you have a Razer Gold account you can easily complete the purchase.

How to get Razer Gold credit

In the beginning, it should be noted that the Razer Gold balance, as we have indicated before in our previous articles, is a virtual currency that has been allocated to players around the world, and is used as an online payment method, and the Razer Company supports Gold coin which is used in many games and entertainment programs, and all What a player only needs is to have a Razer Gold account to buy and download more than 2000 games and entertainment content.

AR Pay is considered one of the best and most secure websites for selling Razer Gold cards, so AR Pay provides you with Razer Gold prepaid cards in various price categories at the best price in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once you choose the card you want and add it to your account, you can enjoy all the benefits and rewards it provides you.

How to buy PUBG UC with Razer Gold credit

You can easily purchase PUBG UC using Razer Gold credit and enjoy all the benefits that it provides to you, by logging into your PUBG account and choosing Razer Gold as the payment method that you want to use in the process of purchasing PUBG UC in your PUBG account, to be directed to the Razer account Your Gold to confirm the purchase and obtain PUBG UC with ease.

Of course, you can also easily buy PUBG UC using PUBG cards, which AR Pay provides you with in various price categories.

Uses of Razer Gold Credit

Razer Gold credit offers you an opportunity to enjoy all your favorite games and get more rewards and exclusive offers for games, not only in the game of PUBG, it provides you with an opportunity to learn about everything that is distinctive and new in the world of games such as Roblox and Crossfire game and others, as well as many Entertainment programs and a lot of international platforms and stores, they are your key to buying easily and safely online.

Uses of PUBG UC

Since the game of PUBG is one of the competition and fighting games, its main goal in playing is to survive for as long as possible, relying mainly on collecting weapons, gear, first aid and other resources that help the player in the fighting process. The player starts playing with the minimum amount of resources and clothes, so he needs more weapons, gear and clothes, and therefore he needs to buy a lot of weapons and equipment and he can do this through the form of PUBG or what is called PUBG UC, which is the default currency for the game, through which The player can purchase the contents of the game, and he can obtain PUBG UC in several ways as we mentioned.

The player can get some prizes in the game by winning some of the daily, weekly and monthly missions provided by the game, which is called Royale Pass, which offers many gifts and prizes such as weapons, equipment, clothes and changing the color of things.

There are two types of Royale Pass in the game of PUBG, the free Royale Pass and the Golden Pass, which you can buy using the game’s special PUBG UC.

Over time, the search is increasing by many players and fans of the PUBG Mobile game to know what PUBG UC is, which is the virtual currency that is used within the game to purchase many weapons, equipment, clothes and any distinctive collectibles, so that the player outperforms other players .

Certainly, the virtual game currency of PUBG UC has made the game more famous and the most popular electronic video game, and it has gained popularity in all countries of the world, and the interest of many players has become focused on PUBG UC, so we will, through this article, provide a simplified explanation of what PUBG UC is, And how to charge PUBG UC using prepaid cards.

What is PUBG UC?

Since PUBG Mobile is considered a competition and action game, the main goal of the game will certainly be for the player to survive in the game for the longest time, until he reaches the end of the battle and thus is the winner of the round. Therefore, the player is highly dependent on the game for survival, to fight his enemies, using weapons, equipment, first aid and many resources that help him to survive.

And in order for the player to collect weapons and equipment and get clothes and special rewards within the game, he needs to charge PUBG UC, which gives him more advantages and rewards within the game such as buying distinctive clothes and accessories, changing the exterior of cars and also using PUBG UC to open some packages Also, use the Wheel of Fortune, which offers a lot of gifts.

Thus PUBG UC is used to purchase any purchasable content within the game. The player can collect the virtual game currency PUBG UC by winning some of the tasks that the game provides to the players, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and these tasks are called the Royal Pass, and when the player wins in these tasks, he gets many gifts and rewards within the game. Finally, you can enjoy the Royal Pass mode in the PUBG game, which gives you many unique and fun tasks by using the in-game PUBG UC charging.

Also, there are many ways in which the player can buy PUBG UC using multiple prepaid cards, which makes you able to charge PUBG UC at any time wherever you are, which we will discuss during this article.

Charging PUBG UC using PUBG Mobile cards

As we explained, dear reader, the game currency, or what is known as PUBG UC, is used to purchase any content or add-ons within the game, which raises the player’s ability and capabilities and makes him more distinguished than other players, by charging the PUBG UC using the PUBG cards that ar-pay offers at the best prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that ar-pay is one of the best and easiest websites dedicated to selling gift cards and prepaid cards in the fastest and safest way. After completing the purchase process, you can easily go to the PUBG website, enter the ID of your account, and charge the PUBG card that you got, and you will have completed the process of charging PUBG UC.

Recharge PUBG UC using iTunes credit

Of course, this method of charging PUBG UC is intended for owners of iPhones and iPads that run on the IOS system. And that is by charging the balance of the Apple ID account by charging prepaid iTunes cards offered by ar-pay at the best prices and discounts that you will not find anywhere else in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After charging your iTunes account, you can simply use this balance as a payment method within the PUBG game and charge PUBG UC, and enjoy buying a lot of special in-game collectibles such as weapons, special clothes, bombs, changing the appearance of cars, bags, and many more special things that increase your chances of progress and distinction about other players.

First: Log in to your PUBG account to which you want to add PUBG UC.

Second: Click on the PUBG UC form and then buy the number of PUBG UC you want.

Third: Choose the iTunes balance as a payment method to get PUBG UC on your account, so that you will complete the purchase successfully and in moments.

Buy PUBG UC using Google Play balance for Android phones

Android phone owners can use this method to charge PUBG Mobile, by using the balance of their Google Play account and charging it by purchasing prepaid Google Play cards provided by ar-pay , and using Google Play credit as a payment method for purchasing PUBG UC.

First: Log in to your PUBG account to which you want to add PUBG UC.

Second: Click on the PUBG UC form and then buy the number of PUBG UC you want.

Third: Choose the Google Play balance as a payment method to get PUBG UC on your account, so you will have completed the purchase successfully and in moments.

Buy PUBG UC using Razer Gold cards

Razer Gold Balance is a virtual currency that has been allocated to players globally, to be used as an online payment method. The Razer Gold coin is used in many games and entertainment programs that support the Razer Gold coin, including the PUBG Mobile game. In order for any player to use the Razer Gold coin and balance as a payment method in PUBG or any other game that supports the Razer Gold coin, the user only needs to create an account on the Razer Gold website through which he can purchase more than 2500 games and entertainment content. Whereas, Razer Gold Credit provides you with a great opportunity to enjoy many of your favorite games and gives you a chance to get more rewards and promotions within games, platforms and global stores.

ar-pay also offers Razer Gold prepaid cards online at the best prices and various price categories to charge the Razer Gold balance, and use it as a payment method when buying and charging PUBG UC. You can also use Razer Gold cards to buy securely online in many stores, entertainment programs and platforms, buy many gems, coins, weapons, gifts and many more benefits that are offered in games that support buying using Razer Gold coin such as Crossfire, Roblox, etc. In order to ensure the best gaming experience full of excitement and suspense.

First: Log in to your PUBG account to which you want to add PUBG UC.

Second: Click on the PUBG UC form and then buy the number of PUBG UC you want.

Third: Choose the Razer Gold balance as a payment method to get PUBG UC on your account, so that you will complete the purchase successfully and in moments.

Finally, we have provided you with the best and easiest ways to charge PUBG UC, enjoy all the fun bonuses and benefits, and increase your chances of winning while playing, using the many methods available using prepaid card charging, such as PUBG cards, iTunes cards, Google Play cards, and finally Razer Gold prepaid cards.

Since PUBG Mobile has become and still is one of the most important games in the video game industry, especially smartphone games. It is attributed to the popularity of the battle royale games all over the world, as it offers an amazing high level of graphics and graphics that are close to reality to the maximum.

In addition, the game provides smooth and easy performance on all operating systems and smartphones, even phones of the middle class, the game “PUBG Lite” was released specifically for it. And since the developers of PUBG Mobile focus on constantly updating and developing the game, by releasing a new update from time to time. This prompted many players to search for the best new consoles for the phone, which gives them the best and unique gaming experience while playing PUBG Mobile, which we will introduce in the coming lines.

The best controllers to play PUBG Mobile on the phone smoothly

1- IFYOO Z108 trigger

The IFYOO Z108 trigger consists of two parts, the R1 / L1 buttons, and the main idea of this product is to facilitate the shooting process while playing PUBG Mobile using the phone, as it makes the player able to more control the weapon and shoot more accurately while playing. As it gives the player a closer feeling than using the wireless controller of the home console for video games such as the PlayStation hand or the Xbox hand.

The trigger is installed at the top of the phone screen, and you start playing by choosing the command that you want to execute under each part of the trigger, because the commands in the PUBG Mobile game are controlled through the screen while playing. The advantage of this product is that it does not block the back camera of the phone as it happens in some other products. In addition, there is no need to use any electronic connections or use a specific application to operate it.

2- Flydigi Wee 2T controller when playing PUBG Mobile

Flydigi Wee 2T controller is one of the best accessories that you can have to enjoy the best and unique gaming experience in PUBG Mobile. The Flydigi Wee 2T Controller has a great set of features, one of the most important of which is turning your smartphone into a switch-like device for video games.

This product also supports all sizes of smartphones, whether they are small or large. Plus, you don’t need to use any electronic connections that get in the way while gaming, but you just need to connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth.

This hand also has a USB slot so you can add a keyboard or mouse for more control while playing, but the game may recognize that you are using external controllers or that you are using a game emulator.

3- Gamesir Bluetooth Controller

Well, the Gamesir Bluetooth Controller turns the experience of playing PUBG Mobile on your smartphone into a gaming experience similar to video games on home platforms such as the PlayStation. Due to the great similarity in the design of the hand with the control hand of household appliances.

The Gamesir Bluetooth also gives you many advantages, such as the feature of feeling any stroke by emitting vibrations in the hand, giving the player a realistic and distinctive gaming experience. In addition, the handpiece is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. It also has a USB slot if you want to connect any other device to it.

In addition, the Gamesir Bluetooth controller gives you a large capacity battery that you can use for 17 hours continuously, as well as a stand that you can use to hold your phone while gaming. Finally, this hand supports all operating systems, not just Android phones.

4- EMISH trigger

This type is more advanced than the IFYOO Z108 trigger, it consists of two parts, each of which consists of 2 triggers that are installed on your phone, so you have R1 / R2 and L1 / L2 buttons, giving you more control, and stronger performance when shooting fire. Also, the EMISH trigger is mounted on the phone from both sides, unlike the previous type. Therefore, the EMISH trigger is more professional in terms of shooting in PUBG Mobile. Also, the EMISH trigger will not need to use any electronic connections or apps to operate it on the phone.

5- Gamepad Bluetooth device for greater control of the PUBG Mobile game

If you want to have a unique and professional gaming experience on all fronts while playing PUBG Mobile on your phone. The Gamepad Bluetooth Adapter is the best choice for you, this device gives you a professional gaming experience with keyboard and mouse, by connecting your phone with the keyboard and mouse using the Bluetooth adapter.

The device also has a holder to install the phone on, in addition to a USB port through which you can connect the phone to the electric charger, and the device itself is connected to power through the USB port. The device also comes with a small keyboard that contains the basic buttons that you can use while playing PUBG Mobile. It is intended for games only, and includes a set of RGB lights that you can change between.

The mouse that comes with the device is for gaming only, as it has additional buttons added for gaming. This device can be used with all types of smartphones, whether they are running the Android or IOS operating system.

One of the most important advantages of the Gamepad Bluetooth adapter is that it was specifically designed to play PUBG Mobile, as the game will not be able to recognize it as an external console, or a game emulator, and therefore the player will not be banned while playing. Where the game recognizes the player as a normal player using the mobile phone to play.

In the end, it is worth noting that you can get and buy PUBG UC to enjoy more benefits and rewards while playing, by purchasing and charging PUBG prepaid cards provided by ar-pay , as ar-pay is one of the best websites dedicated to Selling PUBG cards and all types of prepaid cards online, at the best prices and discounts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If you do not know much about the PUBG Mobile game, it is one of the best and most famous battle royale games in the world, and the basic idea of the game revolves around the joining of about 100 players in one battle on a map among the group of maps from which the player chooses. In order to be able to understand the PUBG game optimally and understand and control the circumstances surrounding you, you will need to know the players you encounter while playing and know and understand each of them and how to play with them, so we will, through this article, classify and divide the players in PUBG Mobile so that you know each type of them as the correct.

First: The Noob player in PUBG Mobile

The Noob player is the player who starts playing PUBG Mobile for the first time in a new way, and he is the player who does not know all the details about the game, and does not know how to play well, or even how to shoot, but it is worth noting that he can The noob player can win his first battle, since he can play with other noobs or play with bots.

Second: The improvised player

He is the player who plays without using a plan and all he needs while playing is to use a frying pan. He is the player who does not study PUBG maps or see any videos explaining the game. This player does not care about acquiring any weapons, and although they do not depend on a plan during the game, which means that they do not have any skills, they are able to beat you with the use of kitchen utensils.

Third: The planner in PUBG

This player loves tactical planning while playing, looking behind walls, and constantly reading and studying the map. It relies heavily on war planning and meticulously developing a strategy to play on. He is always looking to use the perfect weapon and learn smart ways to hunt enemies. He is very interested in watching the explanation videos and learning the lessons, and is very familiar with all the mysteries and details of the game.

Fourth: The loot hunter

He is a player who is greedy and hasty to get spoils, and who always seeks prizes and profits in wartime. And you find this player constantly in places that are highly contested by players, or they chase red smoke, which indicates the presence of rare equipment in PUBG Mobile. All he cares about is getting a lot and they will do anything to get there.

Fifth: The ninja player The ninja

He is the player who follows the method of stealth and silence as if he were a ninja player. This method is certainly not considered bad if you want to eliminate your enemies silently and without noise so that your location is not discovered by the enemies, through the use of the sneak method And sniping in silence.

And the way this player moves is to move silently and hide in the shade of trees and slide on the ground without making a sound, and this type is considered one of the most difficult players that a novice noob player may encounter.

Sixth: The lost player

This player is literally lost throughout the game, never knowing where he should be, and can get lucky every now and then and shoot someone and that person is mostly a bot. But as soon as the map shrinks they are quickly brought down and killed.

Many players are often confused about them and feel that they are not real players and that they are robots, due to the great similarity between their behavior and appearance, but they do not wander without reason, but rather their sense of the way and direction is always missing because they are considered new players in PUBG.

Seventh: The professional player in PUBG

Here dear reader, you must be careful because in front of you is the most dangerous and smartest player in the PUBG game. This player is always better than you while playing, he is very familiar with all the maps of PUBG and all the hidden and little corners where he can hide. And you soon discover that every shot he makes is a great, powerful one.

This player does not need to have a team to join while playing, and does not need to use certain weapons, he can only eliminate you within a few seconds of being with you, so if you see a professional player coming at you, gather your team and ask for protection immediately, because every second that passes is enough for him to plan to eliminate you.

Eighth: The cowardly player

This type of player is very strange, given that they are in a game like PUBG that is full of wars, confrontations and fighting, but they rely on the method of hiding and non-confrontation throughout the battle. However, this type of player thinks that they are being careful, but they are not, they are in fact afraid, and they join the game with their cowards who prefer the style of hiding from confrontation.

These players are characterized by using very weak plans and tactics during the battle, such as the camping plan, and not fighting for fear of being killed, and if you meet one of these players during the battle, do not have mercy on him and eliminate him immediately.

Ninth: The runner player

This player does nothing while playing but running and jogging all over the map, so that he can explore all angles, you may see him running around alone in an attempt to understand and explore the PUBG map.

Tenth: The evil player

represents this player of pure evil in the PUBG game, you always find him ready on the edge of the battles, and he does not interact with any player directly, and instead you find them roaming the map in search of one of the players who bet on each other. Where you always find them looking for bets among the brave players and then quietly killing them from weak to strong until they claim the prize.

Finally, dear reader, after you have learned about all the types of players that you may encounter during your battle in the PUBG game, we advise you not to parachute into the battlefield while you are not ready to face each type of player so that you can eliminate them and win in the end.

In the end, in addition to all that, you will always need to get more rewards and special weapons that help you constantly face your enemies, as well as subscribe to the Royal Pass system that offers players more gifts and prizes as they progress in playing. And you can get all of this using the virtual currency of the PUBG game, which is PUBG UC, And you can buy and ship PUBG UC by buying PUBG prepaid cards offered from ar-pay at the best prices and discounts within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And enjoy the best and unique gaming experience.