Google Play gift cards and their most important uses and how to get them

To begin with, the Google Play Store, which was developed by Google, is the main market for all devices running the Android operating system, and under the Google Play logo, Google provides movies, TV programs, music content, e-books, games, entertainment content, applications for newspapers and magazines and more other applications in all areas of life.

There are millions of applications on the Google Play Store, which exceed those available in the iTunes Store for Apple, and although many of these applications are free, the most useful applications and the most wonderful games require payment to purchase and obtain them, using Google Play cards for recharge. Google Play account.

Certainly, you can easily buy all the paid applications from the Google Play Store by using Google Play cards to buy these applications or get more gifts within the applications. Google Play digital gift cards come in the form of codes, Which you can buy from AR Pay.

Where AR Pay provides you with Google Play digital gift cards at the best price in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in various price categories that you may want to buy for both the Saudi, American stores, as soon as you click on the category of the card you want to buy, to get it in moments.

These cards consist of a code consisting of several different numbers and letters, and you enter this code in your Google Play account to charge your account with the specified amount of the card.

You can also gift one of your friends or loved ones a Google Play digital gift card, so that gift cards are a great option when you do not know what you are buying for your family or friends, and you can gift the gift card by sending the code for the digital gift card to the person you want to give the card via email after completing shopping. He can easily enter this code on his Google Play account and enjoy purchasing any paid content from the Google Play Store.

Uses of Google Play Cards

Gift cards are a form of prepaid debit card loaded with real money for future use. And by adding a balance to your account on the Google Play Store, you can easily take advantage of this balance to buy many applications and paid games and any other digital content on Google Play, as well as many Google services.

It should be noted that it is not possible to share paid content on two different accounts on the Google Play Store, even if you are the owner of these two accounts, so if you have more than one account on the Google Play Store, you must ensure that you are logged into the account that you want to use before completing the process the purchase.

And in case you purchased an app with the wrong account, you can contact the app's developers. They may be able to redeem your purchases so you can purchase them again on the account you want to use.

However, the Google Play Store provides you with the advantage of using the family library of the Google Play Store, where you can share any digital content that you have purchased (such as applications, games, movies, programs, e-books, audio books) with your family, with a maximum of 5 members.

How to charge Google Play card on Android devices

First, go to the Google Play Store app, then choose Redeem from the menu and enter the code for the card, then click on Redeem.

How to charge Google Play card through computer

Visit , then enter the code for the card and click on Redeem.

Shipping method while making purchase from Google Play Store

Make the purchase so that the payment method appears to you. Next to the payment method, select the arrow facing down, then choose the word Redeem, then enter the code for the card and follow the instructions that appear.