Best video player apps for iPhone in 2021

Nowadays, smartphones have become perhaps the first and preferred means of entertainment, watching videos, high-quality movies, series, dramas, and even educational programs, lectures, etc., and this makes it necessary for the phone to have a professional video playback application compatible with the phone so that it can play various types of files.

But for users of Apple devices, may find some difficulty in searching for an application suitable for their devices, so we have put together this list of the best video playback programs ever so that the iPhone user can choose from them, and by using these best video player applications, you can play videos in any way. Accurate and add subtitles to your movies without having to search for an external source to download them. Here is the list of the best apps ever to play video on iPhone devices in 2021.

Application: PlayerXtreme Media Player

It is an application available for iPhone and iPad and a video player that is rich in many features. The application supports almost all the formats in which the content of any video can be viewed, which means that you do not have to worry about the format of the video you are playing. The application also facilitates you through its easy interface a simple user experience through which you can watch the video content stored on your phone. PlayerXtreme can play more than 35 video formats with high definition audio quality. So by using this app, you can stream and watch any kind of video. So you can easily watch anything from your phone on your TV and watch your favorite movies in high definition. PlayerXtreme has an easy-to-use interface and excellent organizing skills for your mobile video folders so that you can easily access any of your movies. This player not only lets you access movies from the cloud but also lets you download movies from your computer, so no matter where you are, you can easily watch any of your movies or videos.

The application also supports casting via AirPlay and Google Chromecast, and there are advanced settings to increase or decrease the volume, and the paid version of the application also provides the feature of adding a password to the application. With it, you will be able to download subtitles in real-time. It can play files from email attachments. HD playback (with a resolution of 1080p) is supported for all formats. It also supports SRT, SSA/ASS, SMI, and many other subtitles in almost all languages. It allows you to increase the volume up to 3 times the original sound for watching movies with headphones.

PlayXtreme Media Player is one of the best video player apps for iPhone with a free version that offers some basic features. While you can buy the paid version with prepaid cards to unlock the advanced features.

Application: 8Player

It is a multifunctional application for playing videos, music, and photos, but it does not support all video formats but it can play some formats especially the popular ones in 1080p. And the app offers some of the best customization features that allow you to use the app the way you prefer. And 8Player can be the one-stop solution for playing all kinds of media files stored on your Apple devices. The app also supports Google Chromecast feature that helps you enjoy videos on the big screen. The app has an attractive user interface, thanks to its elegant and simple design.

Application: VLC For Mobile

No list of video players for iPhone is complete without mentioning the great media player VLC. It is the most popular video player on desktop devices, and the special version of it for iPhone devices is no less popular. With it, you can play videos in any format without conversion, and play many codecs without downloading external codecs. The application is also distinguished by its simple and attractive design. It can sync videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, and iTunes. It supports advanced subtitles, volume control, and the media player app can be locked with a Touch ID or passcode. So VLC media player for iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best video players for iPhone and iPad. Subtitles can be imported from the Internet by entering a URL.

Application: KMPlayer

One of the best video players ever and suffice it to say that KMPlayer has been downloaded more than 800 million times, so you can be sure that this software will not disappoint you for an enjoyable movie and video watching experience. KMPlayer supports almost all video formats and supports any type of subtitle format. Originally designed for PC users, but now has a Mac version, KMPlayer has become one of the world’s most popular multimedia players with more than 300 million users in more than 230 countries and supported in 36 languages. KMPlayer Video Player for iPhone 7 has all the codecs you need like 4K video codec, H.265, VP9, etc., and supports movies of various quality. You can also control the volume, navigation, and turn on/off subtitles with ease.

By running this software, you can enjoy high-quality videos or movies on your large flat-screen TV or smaller phone screen. So if you are looking for an iPhone video player that supports 4k videos, your search ends with KMPlayer. The program also allows you to watch videos without worrying about video format and encoding because it supports a wide variety of formats. The application comes with an easy-to-use interface with rich features that make this application one of the best video playback applications for iPhone devices. This player also supports Google Cloud, FTP, and Dropbox, so if you want to watch directly from the cloud, you can. The developers of the app do a lot of research to make KMPlayer the best it can be, and they are always working to improve the accuracy of the speed and fine-tune the additional features of the app, so the software is highly recommended for an enjoyable viewing experience.

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