Best Shopping Apps in Saudi Arabia in 2021

The Saudi e-commerce market is considered one of the most growing markets in the entire Arab region, and many rely on electronic shopping applications as an alternative to traditional shopping methods from shops, and with the emergence of major platforms in the Saudi market such as Amazon Saudi Arabia, Noon, eBay and others, the Saudi citizen has many options to shop with all Ease, and for users of Apple or Android devices, there are many distinct applications that they can download with ease and enjoy a very easy shopping experience.

These applications are characterized as providing startups, retail store owners, and entrepreneurs the ability to communicate with a larger group of customers, easily manage supply and demand, manage inventory in advance, manage financial and consumer databases faster, and also provide the user with the opportunity to obtain and deliver thousands of products To his home with ease and in a very quick time, and to maintain his safety by social distancing that reduces the chances of infection with the Coronavirus.

In this list, we offer the Saudi reader a list of the most important online shopping applications available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which greatly facilitates the process of shopping and buying. We take into account in this list several factors, including the quality and availability of products, as well as the speed of delivery and the after-sales service provided by these sites.

Application: Amazon

Not surprisingly, the number one shopping app on this list is Amazon, which was founded on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington, the United States by businessman and currently the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. It initially started as an online marketplace for selling books. While now it has turned into the largest online store in the world and Saudi Arabia it leads sales as the largest site for the sale of various products, where the Saudi citizen can shop for clothes, electronics, software, beauty products, video games, clothes, furniture, foods, games, jewelry, and everything can Almost imagine it! Amazon also provides a host of other services such as Amazon Prime, Alexa, Appstore, Kindle, Music, Amazon Digital Game Store, and many more. Although the application started in a small room, it has now become the application that provides the best shopping experience to customers in the world, and since its launch in Saudi Arabia until it has controlled a large part of the e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia.

As a leading e-commerce store, Amazon has set a very high standard for what it means to provide customers with a completely seamless experience. Amazon is distinguished from other shopping platforms in that it has an excellent mix of official Amazon products and independent stores that you can buy from. There are also several specialized sections on the site for you to buy gifts for the people you love. Many Saudis use the app for holiday shopping as it features fast and reliable shipping. Shipping is usually free at Amazon Saudi Arabia, and Prime members are also allowed to get free two-day shipping on a variety of products. And in case you need something urgent from the application, some products can reach you on the same day. Amazon also does a good job of keeping you updated throughout the shipping process and until the shipment arrives. Suffice it to say to prove the mighty capabilities of Amazon that the site generates revenues of $253.9 billion annually.

Application: Noon

Noon is an e-commerce application among the largest shopping applications in the Middle East. Among the largest in Saudi Arabia, Noon is an Emirati company that conducts e-commerce in 3 countries mainly, namely the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Through the application, you can buy everything you want, as thousands of products fill all the different markets for shopping, including fashion, electronics, beauty, and beauty products. home, children, etc.

Noon e-commerce company was established in 2016 with funding from the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which owns a 50% stake, in partnership with Emirati businessman Mohammed Alabbar, the Kuwaiti Alshaya Company, and other investors. Since its establishment, Noon has become a major shopping destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Noon meets all the shopping aspirations of the Saudi citizen, as it has most of the different products and contracts with hundreds of brands, making it a major destination for the Saudi shopper, to purchase all his needs. Usually, Noon shipping is free, especially if the value of purchases exceeds a certain amount, and with the millions of various products in the store and available for delivery at the doorstep, Noon occupies a distinguished place among the shopping applications in Saudi Arabia. It also provides the shopper to easily search for the products they need using advanced search, dynamic filters, and easy navigation between application sections. Where you can easily search for your favorite products and add them to your cart and wish lists. Shopping lists and carts are also automatically synced between devices. Noon offers a variety of payment options, including prepaid cards, cash on delivery, credit and debit cards, and even easy installment options. It has an easy 15-day return policy for hassle-free shopping.

Application: Fordeal

The application creates a simple, happy, and high-quality lifestyle to have a unique shopping experience. The application gives the consumer free shipping for the new customer’s order over $50 and free returns for all orders within 15 days, and it also has offers such as buying one item and taking the other for free, Featuring offers from some worldwide brands, including Apple, Huawei, and other technology companies; Armani, Coach, and other women’s fashion brands; and sports brands like Nike and Skechers, with savings of up to 70%. The website offers a variety of presents to customers, including headphones, luggage, makeup, and watches. The application is characterized by the fact that the order and payment are completely secure, and the ordering process is completely risk-free, and the site allows secure payment via Paypal, credit, or debit card, with distinguished customer service around the clock.

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